Roberts Company manages retail products for sale on the web, as well as product samples, and sales materials and makes sure they are efficiently stored, packaged, and delivered.  We have a permanent staff, an effective computer system/ programs, and time-tested procedures to manage inventories of marketing and sales materials and make sure orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. 

  • Efficient warehouse ensures proper, secure, insured, and careful storage of all materials.
  • Computerized inventory systems allow for accurate assessment of the effectiveness of your sales materials - as well min/max warning system for ordering materials.
  • Roberts Company people are bright, personable individuals who understand the big picture of your programs - not robotic and/or minimum wage temporaries.
  • Utilize Roberts Company's e-mail capabilities, fax capabilities and/or (800) number for sales material ordering and fulfillment.  We are experts at taking orders electronically (e-mail or from your website) and by fax, phone, or mail.  
  • Regular computer reports let you know exact activity and movement of your sales material.  From these reports, you are able to analyze the direction and magnitude of your business and opportunities.
  • Every order is entered into Roberts Company's database for future reference - or to reach that customer with additional materials at a later date.