Exactly how does the term “Live Bait” apply to a Marketing Services and Fulfillment company?  No, we don’t sell night crawlers or blood worms.  Instead, my theory is that all marketing is merely a conversation between vendor and client.  Since many conversations begin awkwardly, “Live Bait” provides a quick jump-start. 

It’s a little bit like starting a conversation at a bar.  What doesn’t work: “Hello, gorgeous.  What’s your sign?”  Nope.  Instead, my business card says: “Live Bait,” and a real  conversation is off and running.  You cannot believe the number of people who NEED to know if we really have bait in the warehouse or not!  Instead, I have a perfect opportunity to switch topics, tell them about Roberts Company, what we do, and why our company is so great.  It never fails.

So...when you’re fishing for a Marketing Services and Fulfillment company, don’t settle for salmon eggs and stinky cheese.  Go for the real thing by using Live Bait ...  Roberts Company, that is!