A lead is a lead is a lead...NOT!  We know that the time involved with a live presentation is expensive and that sending a sales representative to a potential customer who really doesn’t have an operation that is suitable for your product is a waste of precious resources.  Therefore, we help you pre-qualify (either through telemarketing or through the mail) customers so that your sales representatives don’t have to.

  • Courteous operators call ahead to make sure of the size and quality of your sales opportunity.
  • All results are tabulated and reported on a computer printout.
  • Establish levels of qualification, and our operators will respond appropriately.  Do you need a personal call for large opportunities?  A sales call from the broker’s service desk?  Or merely sales materials mailed from Roberts Company if the opportunity isn’t really opportunity after all?
  • Were the follow-up sales calls by your broker sales representatives really made?  Was the appropriate effort put into determining the level of interest by the sales rep?  We conduct follow-up phone surveys or bounceback mailings to your leads to make sure!