Here's a list and brief description of the Roberts Company cabana attendants. These are the trusted full and part time people who keep the boat afloat on a daily basis. And...we have an incredibly great source for efficient, reliable temporary help available on a moment's notice for last minute and super big projects!


The “Big Kahuna" - hah! I’m very proud of Fulfillment Island, Inc., our clients, our staff, and the fact that we've been able to successfully provide top drawer service since 1984. Now, the "empire" consists of Roberts Company, Trader Bob's General Store, and Beach City Customer Care. Call or write any time.


Holly is our Director, Client Services extraordinaire. She has become the heart and soul of Fulfillment Island, Inc. with outstanding organizational skills and a way with people on the phone, internet, and in-person. Hers is the voice you hear when you call Roberts Company and/or Trader Bob's General Store and the driving force behind getting your order to you accurately and on time.

Nick K.

Nick K. is now a seasoned veteran of "fulfillment wars." He has taken on every project with verve and passion and has set some single day case fulfillment records. He's a F.I.F.O., rotating, and code date fanatic, as well as being a forklift and tape machine pro.


The "boss-behind-the-boss." Helps with financials, direction, and general moral support from behind the scenes.